What is ABOT

ABOT Systems® uses a uniquely developed technique of dynamic optimization and tuning (separately or in combination) to increase the performance of the relevant application on a custom built hardware which can reduce considerable cost on hardware investments and obtain an increased optimal application performance.

ABOT Systems ® was developed by IT and Construction industry experts to bridge the gap between the high demands of engineering and construction projects and under performing computer systems. The continuously growing amount of information and evermore graphic-intensive models was throttling the performance of designers and engineers. ABOT Systems presents the ideal solutions to optimize the relationship between software and hardware.

ABOT Systems® is an innovative technology product which works on the uniquely developed Application Based Optimization and Tuning (ABOT) of workstations, render boxes, laptops, and collaboration server solutions that can give a noticeable performance increase when running professional design and engineering applications on custom built hardware which reduces hardware investments and obtains increased application performance.

If your organizational structure requires flexibility and performance, or if you would like to lower capital expenditure, we have developed ABOT Cloud to provide our customers graphical card powered virtual desktops in a secure cloud. ABOT Cloud offers economical and flexible packages and the ability to deploy shared network licenses, file and application servers, allowing you to completely virtualize your entire workforce’s hardware.


Whether projects require seamless 3D modeling, complex composite rendering, advanced computational simulations, or even neural networks and deep learning, the Application Based techniques inherent in ABOT Systems use dynamic optimization and tuning separately or in combination to increase the performance of your professional applications.


ABOT is based on an Optimization process that searches for opportunities to restructure instructions and give your application better overall performance at run time, without significantly impacting development time. These optimization transformations can:

  • Reduce the number of instructions your application executes to perform critical operations
  • Restructure your object code to make optimal use of the PowerPC architecture
  • Improve memory subsystem usage
  • Exploit the ability of the architecture to handle large amounts of shared memory parallelization

Tuning offers an opportunity to adjust characteristics of the application to improve performance, or to target specific execution environments. Even at low optimization levels, tuning for the application and target application can have a positive impact on performance. With proper tuning, the compiler can:

  • Select more efficient machine instructions
  • Generate instruction sequences that are more relevant to your application


  • Substantial cost saving
  • Savings on unnecessary machine components that the software does not use
  • Application optimized and tuned customized hardware solution
  • Faster productivity and improved performance up to 30%
  • A passionate support team with hardware and software experience

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Achieve up to 30% improved in your workforce performance


Ongoing Developments

ABOT AI Based Dynamic Optimization and Tuning tool helps to analyze and detect system Parameters for Optimizing and tuning of hardware systems performances when working with different software professionals.

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Each software needs the right hardware to be properly integrated and optimized to achieve better productivity.

    Developed by IT and Construction industry experts to bridge the gap between high demanding construction projects and under performing computer performance.


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